A young man’s culinary dream kicks off a promising career in London. But it’s in New York City that Chef Andrea Meggiato finally finds the lovely ingredient that would forever change his life AND how pizza lovers snack.

  SEPT 2015  
Pizza date? Who asks their future wife on a (pizza) first date? Chef Andrea totally did.

  JANUARY 2018  
From our fam to yours:
Fired up by Michelle’s vision, Andrea quits his full-time job to pursue his culinary passion. Voilà, The Pizza Cupcake is born!

  AUGUST 2018  
One for the Gram:
Orders from friends and fam keep the new biz running ‘till it lands its first big client: Instagram

  NOVEMBER 2018  
Hear the ring: Just a day before tying the knot, the couple get a call from Smorgasburg. BRB, honeymoon.

  APRIL 2019  
Hitting a home run: The Executive Chef at Citi Field offers The Pizza Cupcake a stadium concession opportunity, opening a new distribution channel. Go Mets!

  MAY 2019  
World Trade Center: Now at a 2nd outdoor market, 45-minute lines form for The Pizza Cupcake

  JULY 2019  
All I want for pizza: Chef Andrea teaches Mariah Carey how to make pizza on Moments with Mimi and she’s quick to call: “King of The Pizza Cupcake” (Watch the video)

  DECEMBER 2019  
Roll up your sleeves: 20,000+ Pizza Cupcakes. 20-hour shifts. Multiple corporate holiday parties. Way to ring in the new year.


- Mariah Carey


  MARCH 2020  
COVID-19: With pop-up locations shut down and catering events canceled, The Pizza Cupcake pivots to eCommerce and local delivery with Need it Now Messenger

Baking a difference: The Support NYC Initiative launches, donating thousands of dollars worth of Pizza Cupcakes to disadvantaged communities and health care workers

  JUNE 2020  
Making the news delish: FORBES names The Pizza Cupcake one of the “Best Father’s Day Gifts for Pizza Lovers” and NBC News features us as a unique gift for dads

We’re going places: Now shipping expands to most states in the North East

  DECEMBER 2020  
Shipping from Coast to Coast: Now California, Arizona, and the entire East Coast can get a taste of the one and only, The Pizza Cupcake

Swimming with the Sharks: After an unprecedented year, Michelle and Andrea fly to Vegas to pitch to the sharks.

Tune in on February 12th at 8pm EST to watch the pitch on ABC

Full Episode available here.